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Welcome to PREMIUM online lessons:

Thoughtfully designed for quality as much as convenience.
Our online teaching style and lesson platform is adjusted to work around the challenges of online video conferencing. Things such as latency, and audio quality are addressed. Privacy issues are also addressed. Proper text and email notifications are automated for you to ensure you never miss a class. All while being able to manage your lesson times electronically from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Multi-Angle Cameras

Our online lesson multi-angle split views can go up to 4 different angles to give you front, side, top, and zoomed-in visual feedback during your lessons.

1080p Video Stream

We broadcast in 1080p providing crisp video output from our multi-angle cameras in high definition.

HD Audio on BOTH sides.

Our online lesson rooms are equipped to broadcast audoi in high-resolution and we provide our students with essential technology to enhance the audio experience on both sides of the screen.

Self-Serve Scheduling! *New

Book and Pay Online

OPEN 24/7.
Instantly check availability for the course you want, pick your instructor and secure your reservation with your credit card.

Use the APP, or don't.

Receive standard SMS text appointment reminders to your email and cell phone. Use the optional app to access more notification preferences, and advanced features. It's FREE!

Manage your appointments

Using the App, you can reschedule lessons, contact your instructor, contact the school and even re-subscribe to more lessons!

Technical Requirements:

*Free tech support class offered before your first lesson!

Standard Premium

  • -High-Speed Internet
  • -Headphones
  • -Single Core 1Ghz or Higher laptop, tablet or smartphone with 2MP Camera
  • -iRig Cast 2 (Provided)
  • -Musical Instrument


  • -High-Speed Internet (Gigabyte)
  • -Headphones (Closed-back)
  • -Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent) Laptop with 1080p Camera
  • -iRig Cast HD (upgrade)
  • -Musical Instrument

What is the iRig Cast 2?

Plugs into laptop and smartphone TRRS headphone jack
(just like ear buds with built-in mic).

No additional apps needed. Straight Plug and Play.

Professional microphone Improves the sound of your voice/instrument with better quality built-in headphone to avoid feedback from 2-way video conferencing.

*Must be used with your own headphones.

Easy 3-step setup

Step 1

Find a quiet room you can have to yourself with no distractions. Find a good angle for your camera, make sure you have good lighting and test the wifi signal by streaming some videos in the room to ensure you have a good connection.

Step 2

Plug in your iRig Cast 2 and download Zoom on your device and get familiar with the features. A laptop is strongly recommended to access all the features of your lesson. This includes text chat, file sharing, screen sharing and more.

Step 3

In the Zoom app, find the settings/preferences menu and navigate to Audio>Advanced. Disable the background noise suppression features and connect your iRig with a pair of hedphones.
This feature is also found in the mobile app as illustrated below

That's it! You are equipped to start PREMIUM online lessons.

2-Part Service Guarantee

We are so confident you will love our premium online lessons that if you choose to cancel after your minimum 3-months, we'll buy back your iRig device!

Show us another school offering the same quality and convenience features at a lower price, and we will match their price or limited time promotions.

Try an online lesson!

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