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If you don’t think you have a sound: you do. Everyone has a sound. In fact, everyone is a sound and we want them to hear it. We know enough about music to know that it isn’t just about the music. Music bumps, grooves, smacks, thumps, rocks, bangs, and we love it. But it doesn’t do a thing without you. Music is an expression and it takes an individual to express. So, we invite you to express yourself because you are your music. We understand that this experience is about your individual expression. The sounds you want to hear are the ones you want to make. We believe you know them best and encourage you to follow the sound that speaks to you. Otherwise, why speak back?


Passion isn’t just for the students. We’re passion the joy of teaching music is innately present within every instructor at 4Sound Music. Our staff come from all walks of life and interests and are ready to provide you with a learning experience that will be uniquely yours. Our staff isn’t new to working with students of all ages and skill levels. All of our staff have been trained in providing skill assessments and helping you plan your music journey.


Sheldon "Solitair" Pitt

William Grajeda

Genaro Hernandez

David Leon

We founded 4SoundMusic with the goal of bringing interest-based accessible music to everyone. After 5 years of working on our programs and teaching on our own we now help guide and develop programs to create the artists of tomorrow.


Learning that is attentive to your needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when it comes to learning. Our music lessons are delivered on a one-on-one basis, working with you or your child to create a learning plan that is catered to the goals of the students. Want to push yourself to get better? We can roll with that. Trying to have a more explorative stress-free learning experience? We can provide a nurturing environment for you to exploreto your heart’s content! At 4Sound Music, we hear you.


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Piano is one of our most popular instruments for beginner musicians just starting off on their musical journey. 4Sound Music offers weekly 30-60 minute lessons for children of all ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced.
(Online lessons also available)

$117 Per Month



Guitar is definitely the instrument of choice for the aspiring rockstar! 4Sound Music offers weekly 30-60 minute Guitar lessons, one of the most exciting and challenging classes for our students. Skill levels taught range from beginner to advanced in both practical and theory.
(Online lessons also available)

$117 Per Month



Drums are the foundation of any rhythmic musical genre. While looking at a drum set can make the thought of learning to play them seem intimidating, allow 4Sound Music to help make learning easy, fun, and exciting! We offer weekly 30-60 minute drum lessons for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.
(Online lessons also available)

$117 Per Month



Learn djembe, bongos and congas with Nigel Pitt. He studied with Chissamba Chiyuka, the African Caribbean Dance Group and the Bellet Creole. He has played for dance companies and drum ensembles all over Toronto. He teaches West African, Afro-Cuban & Caribbean drum techniques.
(Online lessons also available)

$117 Per Month


Vocal Lessons

For recreational and academic students... or musicians looking too hit the big stage! For both the budding performer and the more experienced vocalist, 4Sound Music offers weekly 30-60 minute vocal lessons for beginners to intermediate level.
(Online lessons also available)

$117 Per Month


Recording Arts

Let our Studio be your classroom! Our electronic recording arts course walks you through any element of recording, mixing or mastering your audio over 3 months, 6 months or 12 months of weekly lessons.

$240 Per Month


Band Session

Put your skills to the test! Learn to play along with band mates and see if you can keep up. Learn two songs in 8 weekly classes. Free before & after recordings of your first and last rehearsals are provided on CDR for personal listening. Our Bands are expected to perform at our annual recital. There may also be opportunities to perform at various events that take place throughout the year in our community, such as the annual Rustic Bakery Party in June/July. But most of all, we want to hear you JAM! *For intermediate to advanced students only.


Your Music School

Music Therapy

The Music Discovery Program at 4Sound Music caters to support individuals with developmental disabilities. Participants dedicate time to 1 hour weekly workshop sessions for a duration of 8 weeks. Our goal is to get each participant to explore the therapeutic elements of music in a comfortable environment that helps to satisfy and improve each participant's mental, physical, and spiritual health. Weekly sessions are held in our cozy, state-of-the-art recording studio equipped with the latest recording and production software and top of the line gear. Our 700 sq. ft. live recording room is private, inviting and comfortable.



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