As a beginner, what should I expect?

We encourage a minimum 3 month commitment from new beginner students to allow a chance to see any significant development/improvement.  However, the more you practice, the more significant your development will be. 

Enrollment Information

Registration is required.  All programs begin with a 1-on-1 consult to meet your teacher and assess your skill level.  A minimum one-month enrollment is required to begin classes. 

Can I get a credit instead of a Makeup class?

If you let us know of a planned absence at the beginning of the month, we have no problem noting it on your account and adjusting your monthly bill accordingly.  However, if you simply don't show up or call on the day of your class to cancel, it's considered a No Show and no credit will be offered.

What if I miss my Band or Group Class?

There are no make-ups for Band or Group Classes.  We cannot cancel the class for 1 student.  The show must go on.  However, if a teacher is absent for a class, an extra class is added to the 8 week cycle to ensure delivery of all promised classes in total.

I'm going away unexpectedly. Do I lose my left over classes?

Life can be unpredictable but we are fair.  Monthly lesson plans are non-refundable but if you let us know of your situation, we can make arrangements to provide you with the left over classes when you are ready to return.  This arrangement cannot be offered if you simply don't show up and then request makeups after the fact.

Do your lessons qualify for any Tax Credits?

Absolutely!  Our lesson plans qulaify for the CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY TAX CREDIT OF ONTARIO.  Forms and additional information can be found HERE

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